Radio Taxi 1991 (2020)

  • Documentary, Experimental, Short
  • 45min

1991: Summer in West Berlin, one year after reunification

A young taxi driver casually experiments with a video camera – films and comments what is happening around him. Spontaneous, raw and authentic.

Helmut Kohl is the all-German federal chancellor and the West Berlin taxi driver is a stranger in his own city – which suddenly doubled in size!

With a contemporary interpretation filmmaker Steffen Holzkamp edited his material to an intriguing mix of road movie, historic document and making-of. Editing, music and research – the production becomes and integral part of the film.

Locations, which no longer exist, bizarre passengers, unexpected encounters and lots of time waiting at godforsaken taxi ranks.

A jump back to the turbulent Berlin shortly after the Wall came down. And a likeable, cranky taxi driver on a quest…

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Steffen Holzkamp


Steffen Holzkamp


John Nambesi


Masha Nakomi


Elli Braun

Editorial Assistance

Imke Rust







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